Jennifer L.

“In my moment of vulnerability, this team held my hand from the beginning till the end…literally and figuratively. As a woman in this massive corporate world who is a victim of unfair labor treatment AND sexual harassment in the workplace, this team was very efficient as they advocated for me: they were my voice when I lost mine, my strength when I couldn’t find the energy to get up, and they gave me hope when I feel like giving up. It was really hard for me to tell my side of the story and reliving the worst and horrible experience in my life, but these lawyers are really good listeners. They really made me feel very safe as I share my story. Because of their amazing professionalism and their holistic approach with everything that happened, the case ended up very successful. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me. Watching them fight an enormous monster of a company, and seeing them never backing down–was epic! I feel so blessed and lucky to have them as my warriors. Thank you team! Thank you for doing all the fight for me.”